Transforming The Way We Think – by Dean Taylor


Ever observed the beautiful butterflies around the garden and the many directions they fly off to?  But butterflies don’t start off in that pretty fluttery gentle state. We all know that they begin as a grub (or caterpillar). The truth is every grub is actually a butterfly, and the change that the grub undergoes to become the fully-fledged butterfly is called metamorphosis.


This is the same greek word that is used in Romans 12 to describe the way we are transformed from the grub (sinner) to the sons and daughters of God we truly are.

Rom 12:2 says this process occurs when something radical happens. Our thinking changes completely. What our thoughts are on is what is attempting to mould and shape us. Just like the piece of clay on the potter’s wheel that is patterned and formed by the hands of the potter, what we entertain and meditate on with our minds is endeavouring to shape and conform us into something. Rom 8:29 says God is conforming us into the exact likeness of His son Jesus. But we have a part to play in cooperating with this transformation.

Rom 12 tells us to not to be transformed to the ways of this world but be transformed (metamorphosis) by having a renewed and radical change in our thinking. You may not realise this but often, it is continuously having a mind that is not renewed to God’s thoughts that causes us most of the trouble in our lives, not devils or demons. Rom 8 says our minds and way of thinking will cause us to experience death in some form or we will experience the “zoe” (life) and “shalom” (peace) of the living God.

What we allow our minds to dwell on, touch, connect to, or hook up with and consequently, what we allow our thoughts to stay on is touching and affecting us in the soul of our being. Whether it is the kingdom of heaven or the kingdom of darkness.

If we choose to connect to the world’s ways with our minds, our thinking will eventually conform to what they look and act like. We won’t be cooperating with what Father God is endeavouring to do, the goal of the gospel found in Rom 8:29. The Bible is very clear that we are supposed to be different. Rom 12:1-2.

The decision is yours. You can take stock and be vigilant over your mind. Choose to disconnect immediately from the world’s ways of thinking, acting and speaking. Disconnect from the continual seeping in of death into areas of your life and hook up to the kingdom of light and life. Allow its goodness to flow in and grow your life like a well watered garden.

Dean Taylor